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Importance of a Website

Your website is one of the most important elements of your company in today’s business world. It’s very important to make a great first impression and to have a site that makes your company look reputable and one that consistently works.

A potential client's first impression of your company is your website and it  should be considered one of your company’s most important investments.

The Process

  • I help you identify and purchase the best domain name for your business based upon your needs.

  • Hosting is provided directly through nationally recognized third-party companies. The pricing to connect your domain and make sure your page does not have any third party ads is set up by the third party companies.

  • I use an interactive process to ensure the client is heavily involved in all aspects of the design. Ongoing communication throughout the entire design process is a major key order to achieve the best possible outcome.

  •  In addition, I make sure your site looks great on all devices and especially is optimized for a cell phone. There are many variations of screen sizes your site will be viewed on.

  • As part of the standard price, I provide basic training on maintaining your Web site. This helps to eliminate any ongoing maintenance fees if you decide to have complete further design control once your site is completed.

  • If you chose, you will be able to own your Web site and all its related content. Once your site is done, you are given the option to either purchase a retainer with me or have the site completely transferred over to you where you will have complete control.

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